“Sometimes I get to places just when God is ready to have somebody click the shutter. ” ~ Ansel Adams

Hi! My name is Elizabeth Alice, but you can call me Libby. I have the BEST husband in the entire world, and was lucky enough to marry my best friend of 10 years. We love to travel and spend time with family and friends. When I am not hanging with my hubby, you can usually find me hiking or running on a trail. I am an avid coffee drinker & I have watched Gilmore Girls all the way through an embarrassing number of times (which, now that I think about it, probably contributed to the coffee addiction…)

I am a K-5 Spanish teacher by week day and photographer by weekend. I love connecting with other people, getting to know them and their life stories, and surrounding myself with GOOD people in life. Both jobs feed my soul and have given me the opportunity to know so many wonderful people. Being able to be a teacher & be a part of these kids’ life journeys is so important to me. I love being able to teach them a new language, see them grow as students AND as people, and I love having them and their wonderful families be a part of my journey as well. I absolutely love meeting new families while on the job as a photographer, and have made some friendships that have lasted years! I think it is SO amazing to be able to capture a moment on film. You can find me tearing up while editing pictures of sweet families and newborn babies, beautiful weddings and couples in love. I am sentimental and I adore capturing your special moments for you. I truly hope I get to meet you soon!

Photo by Olivia Bane Photography

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